Throwback Metal Fest

ThrowbackEVENTWorking4-2014bThe High Desert of Southern California may be out of the way for most, but when bands make the effort to bring the metal to the community – people show up in force. Kantation knows this, and that’s why we’ve assembled all our favorites and yours for a two day fest celebrating metal the way you remember it.

The event is extremely exclusive. It’s a small place. There will be a capacity limit… we could’ve sought out a larger venue, but we wanted to make the setting up close and in your face with your favorite band members hanging out and playing all day into the night AND we wanted to extend an affordable ticket price. $15 for 17 bands is pretty amazing.

DAY 1 starts at 6pm:

Ashbury ~ Wretch ~ Serpent Within ~ Hour Eleven

Day 2 starts at noon:

Tyrant ~ Ruthless ~ Heretic ~ Kantation ~ Resistance ~ Ninth Circle ~ Night Demon
Seventh Calling ~ War Within ~ Ravish ~ Doctors of the Earth ~ Iron Kingdom ~ Battlefront

$15 advance ticket
advance purchases only – no “at door” ticket sales! 


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LISTEN to all the bands on the fest!
these songs, uploaded to our SoundCloud page are ONLY available until July 31st – some of the bands even offering a FREE download of their songs!: