Links to Other Sites You Might Dig

15hifiTransparent Martin DeBourge’s 15 HiFi Vocal Recording Studio
1656335_248517888655869_1605645383_n SRO Magazine dedicated to bringing you bands and music as well as other entertainment news that is mainstream and under the radar
head Southern California Guitar Orchestra – A modern orchestra featuring the electric guitar.
1507959_689202884452626_1690908433_n Metal Uprising on Sonic Asylum Radio
OfficialFBprofilePic2014 Throwback Metal Festival – Southern California’s only fest of it’s kind,  Kantation hosts it!
MWC Mindwarp Chamber out of Chicago – worth a listen!
Ojo Ojo Taylor’s Lovism, Music & Freethought Blog
1462638_10152091402149507_1846860229_o Mindcage out of Florida. We HIGHLY recommend
17741_120141691516368_2017332529_n Pain Fucktory Radio
970150_531968846858286_1379235019_n True Metal Lives Radio
406103_457138941001486_173580634_n Witches Mark – Heaven And Hell recording artists out of TX
Hande1 Hande Burdg – female rock vocalist