The Maze video

PanoOn March 16th we began production for our very first video. “The Maze” will be fully realized after about 8 scheduled shoots.
Pictures and stills from the first shoot are seen below.  We’ve enlisted the services of a start up company that caught our vision and, like Kantation,  has a heart for the local community. Keeping things close to home. They’re called ShowGazum.  Our directors are Robert Du Haime & Alex Brady.

As heard on the CD and here,

The opening “scene” is with our wise old man (played by Andy Supple) sitting at the fire pit.  As a young, inexperienced warrior approaches, the older man asks “Are you still with us“. The young warrior (played by Tyler Ohler) replies respectfully “I prepare to leave now“.

In deep thought,  the wise old man admonishes “One does not look back on the journey until he has reached the center of the maze” …with that, the young warrior admits “I’m frightened

You should be” says the wise old man. And with that, our opening intro cuts away into what will be an unfolding journey through time as our young warrior “earns his stripes”.  In the process, he becomes “timeless” and fulfills a prophecy to be an inspiration to the underdog,  the distressed, the down trodden.

The story line culminates in modern times where a young Kantation fan attending one of ours shows is needed to defend the honor of a young woman. A fight breaks out, and our young warrior makes his final appearance to give the young man courage.

THIS is where our Kantation Nation comes into the scene! On Sunday April 27th – 6:00, we need a big crowd to come out for the final night of shooting. We’ll be honored to have you appear in our first video!

Please where dark clothes. Solids are best. No printed/silk screened tshirts UNLESS they’re Kantation shirt (this is totally permissible and can be purchased HERE).
You’ll also be asked to sign a waiver to appear in the video. FREE PIZZA and a good time is promised.
Go to to our Facebook event to click “going” by clicking here:

here’s a sneak peek preview:

MazeVideo 025  MazeVideo 026 MazeVideo 029 MazeVideo 034 MazeVideo 073
 MazeVideo 090 (1)  MazeVideo 089  MazeVideo 092  MazeVideo 094  MazeVideo 031
 MazeVideo 059  MazeVideo 069  MazeVideo 057  MazeVideo 041  MazeVideo 099